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formally we may distinguish three main types of agreements: forward contracts, swaps and options, futures trends runners are marketing in spread CQG. Recency of market crunches starkly affirming interdependencies of the world’s futures, equity and derivative markets and intermarket perspective would become an essence of technical analysis, contriving unabated melding of equity, futures, derivatives and options throughout the world market. Playing globalization tendencies market operators have begun strategic alliances, immersing to insomnia of “twenty four hours a day” with thousands of instruments

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and driving the comforting decades of reliability on delivering “accurate market data” CQG, endowing “dare” chartings with hundred studies ushering formulas from classics of genre Kaufmann, Cochrane, “trade routing tools” interwingling, arbitrage timings with non-synchronous mark-to-market offsettings, past trades simulation engine would reveal conspiracies of financial thriving and unfolding crises. Scholastically addicted publicity would face the continuous dilemma of “encompassing the intimate knowledge of the behavior of every derivative” contriving multidisciplinary “thorough thinking in multiple dimensions” (Harvard sophomores would fruitfully be intoning “the long run, the decision horizon, the planning horizon, and the planning subhorizons”).

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Exercising probabilistic geometry of Brownian motion drift and diffusion, symetry of synthetic (implied) volatility smile in time and space under no-arbitrage measure, "bleading" gamma with factor of decay, comprehending and impractical term structure to ensue completeness coherence picture of the field to sensitivity, sophisticated pricing and payoff technique on perfect liquidity, replicating riskless strategies and options across markets and countries – those seen to believe.

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