Risk Warning

Our Clients know that the margined rolling CFDs currencies, indices, precious metals, oil and commodities is involving high degree of risks and not suitable for not members of proprietary, professional traders' society, engaging into investment is possible by the Client who has read, understood and assess the nature, the origin and the extent of the risks associated with entering into the relation, and implying not to disclosing all the risks or any significant aspects, leaving these to own legal, tax and financial advisory and consultancy, and to regulatory authority ESMA the ‘’European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) Investor warning regarding CFD’s[1]" and EBA[2].

The Company does not and cannot guarantee the initial capital or future value of the portfolio at any time, neither on re-valuating the incurred loss, if positions have to be liquidated. The Client accepts, regardless the information offered by the Company, variance and fluctuations of any investment in Financial Instrument, and even probability of no value under harsh market conditions, with MTF never exceeding the Clients’ available funds. The Client understands that if market moves against, that may incur further liabilities to the Company. The Client must not purchase a derivative financial instrument unless is willing to undertake the risks of  loosing entirely all the invested money and also any additional commissions and other expenses incurred.

The Client is trading on margin under assumption that high degree of leverage can work against and it is the Client sole responsibility to monitor the positions, the Company in compliance function response offer the retail client default leveraging limit to 1:50 and give them the option, if they choose and recognized with appropriateness, to change the default to a higher leverage, trading under these conditions can lead to a larger gains.

Beyond the specificity, the Client acknowledges and warrants a full understanding of the vocabulary, trading mechanics, terms and conditions of the transactions to be undertaken, including, without limitation:

  • the terms as to price, yield, term structure, costs, expiration date, pips, points, restrictions and material effect of the transaction
  • any terms describing risk factors, such as volatility, liquidity, previous performance and so on
  • and the circumstances under may become obliged to make or take delivery of a leveraged transaction

The notice is not a source of explanations for all possible risk and scenario involved, and to the Client detailing on categorization assignment: appropriateness, economic profiling on absorbing risks involved and on selecting Financial Instruments.